Saturday, August 6, 2011

Smoking Might Get You Fired

Recently Weyco, Inc., a Michigan medical benefits administration company, made headlines when it adopted a no-smoking policy that required employees to quit smoking during their private time and/or submit to a smoking test or be fired. While Weyco's policy made the headlines, it is not the only company to place such smoking restrictions. Some argue that such restrictions are the trend of the future given increasing health insurance costs.

Four Fired For Refusing Anti-Smoking Test

In 2003, Weyco announced its intent to prohibit employees from smoking even when off-duty. In January 2005, Weyco's Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Free Workplace Policy went into affect. The policy specifically says "smoking or otherwise using tobacco at any time" is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action up to termination. Weyco's previous policy only prohibited smoking on company premises.
Failure to submit to a company smoke/tobacco test is also prohibited and results in immediate termination. The policy calls for both random testing and testing based on reasonable suspicion of smoking.

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